We're now powered by Yetti!

We're now powered by Yetti!
30th August 2011
It's taken us a while to get to this point, but we're actually dead proud of ourselves, and very thankful to our wonderful clients who've been so supportive, and more importantly, patient while we've been working towards the launch of what was originally "LabelEd 4".

So what the hell is "Yetti"?

Bare (or should that be bear?) with us, it took us ages to come up with a name! Yetti is essentially a huge upgrade to LabelEd and there are a few things of note:

  • Brand new infrastructure. We're now living at Rackspace, and we're pretty happy about that. :-)
  • Yetti has a completely new administration interface (and a ton of new features).
  • Tons and tons of backend changes. We're really not kidding, there's not much of LabelEd 3 remaining, in terms of code. That's pretty hard to explain, especially when we talk so much about agile development practices (which generally favour small iterative changes). But that is infact how this all ended up coming together. We didn't scrap our older code - it's really just been replaced bit by bit. And the net result turned into more or less an entire rewrite. The improvements really are like night and day, however. Performance, stability and maintainability all much improved. But if it bothers you, feel free to shout on Twitter.
Aside from the above technicalities, the main reason for the actual name and branding change is that we're turning this into a product. We're not quite there yet (as mentioned earlier, what you're reading now is part of our early(ish) testing phase), but we've got a dedicated site on the way which will (hopefully) explain everything in as much detail as you need.

So for now, thanks again for dropping by, and please keep checking back as the real launch of Yetti shouldn't be far off. We can't wait!

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Simon 21st February 2012
Nice overview Sam!

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